Oulu Game Spring here we come!

imageToday we’re rocking it at Oulu Game Spring! We’re equiped with a Xbox One console, Unity to Windows porting lab and AppCampus screening…and of course our fabulous selves! Below you can find some great resources for you to rock it on the Windows platform!


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New and rising Windows Phone games from Finland

We all know the big hot names that rule the top lists on Windows Phone but what about the new releases from indie developers? There are a ton of great new games and apps that have been just published to the Windows Phone Store. I decided to check them out and a few caugh my eye. These are cool games and developers to follow!

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What Da App – Apps found from the Store

WhatDaApp I was going through some of the newest Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store apps this morning and stumbled across quite interesting ones. Some useful, some with extremely nice ui and some that are just..funky. Yes, let’s call it funky! I present to you #WhatDaApp

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ComBounD hackathon is coming – Join, develop and win DVLUP points!

LearnCraft Salo is at it again! The guys from ComBounD have announced a new exciting hackathon in Salo! The LearnCraft hackathon focuses on education apps & games. It’s a great place to meet fellows developers, learn more about app-building and of course have a blast, we all know the ComBounD guys know how to create a kickass event! Sign up now and win DVLUP points that you can use to buy yourself a new phone for example 😉

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It’s time to GeekOut and win a Windows 8 tablet!


NewsLetterBannerWe know that there is a little geek in all of us – a geek who wants to create apps. We also know that you have some amazing ideas for those apps. That’s why we wanted to provide you with the tools, training and assets, to get you started with developing apps and launch them off to the world!

YourApphereGeek Out is a collection of events, online and offline, which are aimed to help you create amazing Windows 8 apps and publish them to the Windows 8 Store. There are seminars, workshops and hackathons happening all around Finland – and the best part is..they’re all free!

So what are you waiting for, get your Geek Out and check out events in your area! You might even win a brand new Windows 8 device through our raffle!

Save the date: Great Windows Phone 8–training on the 28th of January in Espoo

700-nokia-lumia-920-color-range-2It’s been great to see that so many Windows Phone developers join us in different events, from the Amigos-tour to WOWZAPP and the Starat-tour! Most of these events have had a Windows 8 focus and we’ve been building some great Windows 8 apps in addition to Windows Phone. But now it’s time to have a pure Windows Phone 8 training!

We’ll organize a training with a speaker from Redmond. In the event you’ll get an introduction to Windows Phone 8 development and explain the new features of WP8. The event is free of charge and it will be organized in Espoo. Stay tuned for updates and registration links. Want to book a seat? Send an email to wpworksfi@microsoft.com

The WOWZAPP Winners are here–and they’re riding with style!


It’s been a couple of week since WOWZAPP and we’ve managed to get some sleep. It’s been great seeing that so many attendees have continued on your app development, looking forward to see them in the Store! Let us know when you’re ready to publish, so we can do a virtual high five – and maybe promote your app!

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